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November 2-4, 2003
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Le Fairmont Chateau Frontenac

Update December 1, 2003: The World Summit summary article from Ethanol Producer Magazine is available for download (800KB PDF file, Adobe Acrobat or free Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

Update November 10, 2003: Revised speaker presentations as given at the World Summit are available for download.  See the updated files page.

The Governor's Ethanol Coalition International Committee is pleased to announce the first World Summit on Ethanol for Transportation to be held on November 2-4, 2003 at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in beautiful Québec City, Canada.

The Summit will present the global perspective of ethanol market development as a transportation fuel. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss policy issues and strategies for growth of fuel ethanol in their respective countries.

Representatives of the Governors' Ethanol Coalition-International Committee are committed to establish ethanol as an international commodity and to build a viable world ethanol market as a transportation fuel.

Fuel ethanol offers great economic and environmental opportunities and it enables countries to achieve energy security and independence. As a result, ethanol programs are being developed worldwide.

This international summit will be a great opportunity for participants to share views, ideas and strategies with key stakeholders from all sectors of the industry.

Senior government officials, industry executives and influential market representatives will converge in Québec City to shape the future of fuel ethanol in the world.


The Summit main objectives are as follows:

  • Highlight significant historical milestones for ethanol
  • Show the importance of ethanol in the 21st century
  • Review world ethanol policies and programs and assess their impact on the industry
  • Study the successful implementation of an ethanol program in Brazil
  • Discuss the importance and need for ethanol in developing countries
  • Clarify ethanol myths and realities
  • Exchange on the opportunity of making ethanol an international commodity
  • Share the latest information on ethanol feed stocks and production technologies
  • Promote the role of policy advocacy groups
  • Identify the most important issues and opportunities for the downstream sector
  • Understand the automotive industry perspective and strategies with respect to ethanol
  • Provide delegates with great networking opportunities

Target Audience

Over 200 delegates are expected to attend this world-class event. Summit participants will come from the Americas, Europe and Asia and will include:

  • Governors and Ministers from Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden and the United States
  • Government representatives from Argentina, Colombia, China, India and Thailand
  • Senior public servants
  • International organizations officials
  • University professors and researchers
  • Corn, sugar, wheat, barley and sugar beats growers
  • Cellulose feed stocks providers
  • Grain traders
  • Bankers
  • Investors
  • Ethanol technology suppliers
  • Ethanol producers
  • Commodity trade markets specialists
  • Ethanol transporters
  • Ethanol importers
  • Ethanol marketers
  • Ethanol consumers
  • Petroleum products refiners, marketers and distributors
  • Energy brokers
  • Consultants
  • Industry associations presidents and spokespersons
  • Lobbyists
  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Journalists

Organizing Committee

Members of the organizing Committee are as follows:

Governors' Ethanol Coalition International Committee

  • Mr. Jeff Knight (WI), United States’ Representative, GEC International Committee and Director, Wisconsin Bureau of transportation
  • Ms Maria Boardman, Project Coordinator, Wisconsin Alternative Fuels Task Force
  • Ms Isabel E. Gomez Macias, Mexico's representative to the GEC
  • Mr. Per Carstedt, Sweden's representative to the GEC
  • Mr. Luiz Carlos Corrêa Carvalho, Brazil's representative to the GEC

Ministère des Ressources naturelles, de la Faune et des Parcs

  • Mr. Alain Lefebvre, Québec 's representative to the GEC and Director, Hydrocarbons Development Branch

Natural Resources Canada

  • Mr. Bill Cruickshank, Bioenergy Research and Development Specialist, CANMET Energy Technology Center

Canadian Renewable Fuels Association

  • Mr. Bliss Baker, President

Fédération de Producteurs de Cultures Commerciales du Québec

  • Mr. Jean-Pierre Dubuc, Vice-president
  • Mr. Armand Mousseau, Information and Commercialization Agent

BBI International

  • Ms Angela Damman (Graf), Director, Conference Services and International Business Development
  • Ms Jaime Keating Klco, Conference and Meeting Coordinator

For program information, please contact:
 Alain Lefebvre
 Ministry of Natural Resources,
  Wildlife and Parks
 5700, 4e Avenue Ouest, bureau A-401
 Charlesbourg (Québec) G1H 6R1 Canada
 Tel : (418) 627-6385, poste 8251

For registration information, contact:
 BBI International
 Conference Coordinators
 Cotopaxi, Colorado
 Phone: 719-942-4353
 Email: conferences@bbibiofuels.com

Thanks to the following sponsors for making this event possible:

International Committee

Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Parks

Natural Resources Canada


Please see the Sponsors page for the full list.


The conference brochure is available for download.

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