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Posted on  

December 4, 2003

Biodiesel fuel debuts in N.H.

Reformer Staff

WEST CHESTERFIELD, N.H. -- Fleming Oil's Shell station on Route 9 has become the first in the state and one of the few in New England to offer a biodiesel fuel mixture at its pumps.

One of the company's diesel pumps is now carrying a 20 percent biodiesel fuel mixture and the company has already sold approximately 3,500 gallons since late last week.

"Our type of business, for many years, has had a black eye when it comes to the environment," said Rick Fleming, the president and one of the owners of the company. "This is a step toward changing that."

The station offers the most commonly used blend of biodiesel fuel -- B20 -- which can be used without any alteration to the mechanical systems in any diesel vehicle.

The cost is $1.98 per gallon, approximately 40 cents more than normal diesel fuel, but experts say the myriad environmental and economic benefits outweigh the jump in price.

The fuel comes from a variety of renewable sources, such as soybean oil and recycled waste oils. A vehicle running on 100 percent biodiesel fuel would release emissions that are non-toxic to animals and humans.

Use of the B20 mixture means an approximately 16 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, a 21 percent reduction in the hydrocarbons that cause smog and a 20 percent reduction in the risk of getting cancer from the emissions.

Fleming said he first heard of biodiesel fuel at a energy convention in Boston three years ago. After a nearby supplier for the fuel was found -- Global E Industries Ltd., based in Cavendish, Vt. -- Fleming said he decided to take the leap into this new field.

The motivation for that jump is tied into both economics and the environment, he said. Customers had begun asking about the new kind of fuel, he explained, and a rising national awareness on energy and its environmental effects compounded the decision.

"What's good for the environment is good for my business," Fleming said.

The move to offer biodiesel fuel shows the growing momentum behind the environmental protection and energy-efficiency movement, said Paul Cameron, the executive director of Brattleboro Climate Protection.

The group has assisted and advised Fleming Oil on biodiesel as part of its goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the area. Recently, the Windham Solid Waste Management District began using B20 in some of its vehicles and the town of Brattleboro has pledged to reduce its emissions by 10 percent by 2010.

"This is a significant step for Brattleboro and the surrounding region," Cameron said. "Greater availability of biodiesel will help make our air cleaner and reduce carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming."

The Fleming Oil Shell station in Chesterfield may be the first station in New Hampshire for consumers to fill up on biodiesel fuel, but Dave Bonta, the owner of Global E, said there is a momentum behind the new fuel and as it gains in popularity, prices should fall.

"It's fantastic to see Fleming Oil carrying biodiesel fuel, and their initiative goes a long way to introducing it to the mainstream," said Bonta. "They are the first place in the area to carry it, but hopefully more will follow in the spring."

The company has also talked to some Vermont legislators, and the subject of tax breaks for companies that offer biodiesel fuel may be raised when the body reconvenes in January, Bonta said.

The field of biodiesel production and delivery could be a huge economic boost for the states of Vermont and New Hampshire as well, Bonta said. His company formed last year, and the demand has been strong and is steadily increasing.

"We can't keep up with the phenomenon," he said. "There are a lot of people interested in this, especially in the Brattleboro area."

A move to a fuel source that can be produced in the United States will also serve to protect the country's citizens by decreasing dependency on foreign oil, he added.

"They talk about Homeland Security -- well this is homeland energy security," he explained. "Every person who uses biodiesel, it means one less person dependent on foreign oil."

Alex Wilson of Dummerston said he used to try to make biodiesel fuel in his basement before Fleming Oil began offering it late last week. In the summer he uses a 100 percent biodiesel fuel mixture for his 1996 Volkswagen, but uses B20, which works better in the colder temperatures, during the winter.

"It's going to be great to just have to drive over to West Chesterfield to fill up," he said.



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