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February 6, 2001

Kvaerner Joins Masada OxyNol(TM) Team To Build New York Garbage-to-Ethanol Plant

Masada OxyNol(TM) LLC (Birmingham) has announced an agreement with Kvaerner Process Services Inc. (KPSI) to provide engineering, procurement, and construction services for a waste-to-ethanol conversion facility in Middletown, New York valued at over $100 million. Daryl Harms, Masada's CEO, stated, "We are proud to have Kvaerner join Masada's world class team for this innovative waste management project. Prior to issuing the environmental air and solid waste permits, the USEPA and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation gave this project the most thorough environmental permit review that we know of." The Middletown project will accept waste from the Orange County area and has long term waste disposal commitments from 24 municipalities. The project has gained support from Orange Environment Inc., the local environmental watchdog group, and other environmentalists.

Kvaerner Process Services Inc. is part of the world-wide Kvaerner organization with $8.42 billion in sales. The organization was ranked second largest international contractor according to Engineering News Record. ENR also reported that Kvaerner is the largest international construction firm working in Europe and the largest international design firm working in the U.S. The Kvaerner companies have expertise in environmental infrastructure, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial processes and have 35,000 permanent employees around the world.

"We take on some of the world's most challenging projects," said David Kelley, President of KPSI. "Kvaerner and Masada have the same goals -- to build the Middletown plant safely, quickly, and within budget, using the expertise of union trades and qualified local vendors. This has great partnership potential -- Masada's proprietary process, skilled union labor, and our world class construction and design expertise." Kelley said an important step would be to finalize negotiations with the local building trades unions. Harms commented that "The unions have stood by us over a long and continuing development cycle and we stand by the unions."

The Masada OxyNol(TM) facility in Middletown will be a state of the art waste management facility capable of beneficially re-using and recycling over ninety percent of municipal solid waste and municipal sewage sludge. The primary product from the waste conversion process is ethanol, a renewable, clean burning vehicle fuel. The proprietary Masada process promotes a high rate of recycling and reuse of waste, provides a local waste disposal option, and helps municipalities avoid the legal liabilities associated with landfilling. This local waste management facility also helps reduce the exportation of large amounts of waste to other states, a growing problem particularly in the region surrounding New York.  


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