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January 3, 2001

Australia Uses Sugar Cane-Fueled Buses

Commuters in Melbourne, Australia are now able to travel on buses powered by a fuel that is made up of sugar cane waste. Officials said continued use of the fuel could help to reduce pollution and boost Australia’s sugar industry.

Transportation industry observers said this is the first time that a totally renewable fuel source has “taken to the road” in Australia. The buses run on ethanol made from molasses which is a by-product of sugar milling.

The purpose-built Scania buses are operated by Ventura in Melbourne’s eastern and southeastern suburbs. Ethanol buses have had huge success in Stockholm, Sweden where 230 operate throughout the city.

Ventura is a member of the government’s Federal Greenhouse Challenge. The company said it investigated all kinds of alternative fuels before finally choosing ethanol.

Australia’s transport sector accounts for almost 16 percent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Presently, the country produces 110 million liters of ethanol annually and the ethanol buses consume about 60,000 liters of fuel a year.


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