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19th Annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Trade Show

Vander Griend Receives 2003 Distinguished Service Award

On alternate years, two awards are presented at BBI International’s International Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) – the “Distinguished Service Award” on odd years and the “Award of Excellence” on even years.

The 2003 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop “Distinguished Service Award” winner is Dave Vander Griend of ICM Inc.  This is the second year for this award: Dick Gadomski, founder of PSI Corporation - now Lurgi PSI, was the recipient in 2001 when the conference was held in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Eligibility: The hard work and dedication demonstrated by many people over the years has been a critical element in the growth of the ethanol industry. This award is presented to an individual who has played a significant role in helping the ethanol industry mature in its methods of practical applications and increase its efficiency during the past 20 years. If you know of an individual who you feel qualifies, we invite you to nominate that person. The role can be in any application - scholarly, practical, technical, promotional, etc. The winner will be the person who receives the most votes and is thereby deemed to be the recipient by his or her colleagues in the ethanol industry.

Nomination procedure: Nominations from throughout the industry were sent via email to Kathy Bryan, vice president of BBI International. Those votes included a brief explanation of why that person qualified for this award. The nominations were collected and tallied to determine the winner of the award, which will be presented at the 2003 FEW.

The Award: A beautiful cut crystal plaque will be presented to the winner during the Wednesday general session of the FEW this June. On it is written the name of the winner along with these words… "In Recognition of Your Diligent Service to the Ethanol Industry."

Please participate. People who have committed so much of their time and effort deserve recognition from their peers. Thank you.

2002 Fuel Ethanol Workshop Award of Excellence

At the 2002 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Springfield, Illinois, the Award of Excellence recipient was Rodney Bothast.

The Award of Excellence is bestowed on an individual who has completed research or technological improvements that have contributed in a significant way to improving the efficiency of ethanol production. This award is presented every other year and is more specific and scientific in nature than the FEW Distinguished Service Award that was first presented at the 2001 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Over the years, many individuals have contributed to the growth and success of the ethanol industry through technological advancements.  More often than not, they have received little, if any, recognition for their efforts.  In 2000, that began to change at the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) in Windsor, Ontario.  The first-ever Award of Excellence was presented to Dr. Raphael Katzen.

Nominations for the Award of Excellence are received by BBI International, then reviewed by an 8-member Award Committee consisting of both ethanol and research representatives. A special presentation requires a special prize... a beautiful cut glass award, etched with ethanol's molecular symbol on a hand finished wooden base.  In addition, the Award of Excellence recipient receives a check for $1,000.


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