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Crowne Plaza Springfield
June 25-28, 2002
Springfield, Illinois
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18th Annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Trade Show

The 2002 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Trade Show in Springfield, Illinois attracted a diverse, record crowd of over 1,000 delegates from the ethanol, agricultural, financial, equipment, and technology industries, including government and research agencies. Participants included virtually every current and future ethanol producer in North America and increasing numbers from around the world. With over 60 plants in production and more than 20 projects being planned in the United States alone, participants found many opportunities to network with current and potential customers.

Conceived as a service to ethanol producers, the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Trade Show is designed to provide the ethanol industry with the latest information on technology and services for improving production, product yields and operations of an ethanol facility using grain, sugarcane, cellulosic materials and other biomass feedstocks.

The general sessions of the 2002 FEW in Springfield, Illinois attracted a record attendance of over 1,000 people

Bliss Baker, Bob Dinneen, Al Pell of AgDay Television, and Rick Tolman discuss ethanol issues during a taping of "Weekend Marketplace" at the 2002 FEW

"The International Fuel Ethanol Workshop’s tradeshow, breakout sessions and speakers are the best of the industry, not only in the US, but worldwide." - Jeff Roskam, Senior Vice President, ICM, Inc.

"Being involved in the operations side of the ethanol Industry for 20 years, I can think of no other forum available that provides such a large amount of technical information for improving operating efficiencies." - Joe Werth, Distillery Product Manager, Midwest Grain Product of Illinois

"This Trade Show represents the best in the industry." - David Marr, Land of Lincoln Ag Coalition (future ethanol producer)


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June 26-29, 2007
St. Louis, Missouri

Join us for the 23rd Annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo!

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