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New York (2000 EWS)

The New York Ethanol Workshop, "Ethanol in New York: Today and Tomorrow", held on September 14th in Albany was the largest workshop with attendance of nearly 110 individuals interested in seeing an ethanol industry develop in the state. Admiral Richard H. Truly, Director of the NREL, presented an insightful overview on global energy current and forecasted demand and the need for renewable energy.

Don Draizen, President of Rad Energy Corp., was another of many informative speakers who addressed the economics of blending and marketing ethanol in gasoline. Rad Energy would like to see an increase in ethanol suppliers through local ethanol production. Rad Energy, one of the state's largest blenders, has been distributing ethanol for 10 years. Tim Judge from Masada OxyNol discussed their cellulose ethanol project in Middletown, New York. Masada is planning to produce 9.5 million gallons per year of ethanol and other co-products from 230,000 of MSW and 25,000 tons of sludge. Dr. Gary Whitten, ICF Consulting, and Dr. Susan Powers, Clarkson University, presented important information on the air and water quality issues of fuels, including MTBE and ethanol.

Bioenergy Coordinator: Anne Hartman, NYSTEC Environmental Systems Center, Ph: 315-338-5818, Fx: 315-338-6124, hartman@nystec.com.

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