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DOE Ethanol Workshop Series

Ethanol Workshop Series News - October 2000
A Newsletter about the DOE/RBEP Ethanol Workshop Series (EWS) activities


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)/Regional Biomass Energy Program (RBEP) Ethanol Workshop Series (EWS), sponsored by the DOE Office of Fuels Development (OFD), is in its second year. This is the third issue of the EWS News, a newsletter that serves as a tool to keep state planning committee members and nationwide supporters abreast of activities occurring in participating EWS states. The EWS is a groundbreaking grassroots program to inspire interest in ethanol production from cellulosic biomass materials.

1999 was the first year of the EWS. Workshops were held in Alabama, Alaska, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, South Dakota and Wisconsin. The 2000 EWS includes Colorado, Indiana, New York, Ohio, Oregon/Washington, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas. A third year for the EWS has been announced. Details on workshp locations will be provided in the next EWS News. Workshop summaries and/or state follow-up activities will be posted at www.bbiethanol.com and, individually, on many state bioenergy websites.

The 2000 EWS is complete and from all perspectives it was a great success. The Oregon/Washington, Ohio, Colorado and Michigan Workshops were held in April, May, June and August respectively. Summaries of these workshops were covered in previous issues of the EWS News. During the last three weeks of September six more workshops were held in Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas. Wisconsin hosted a second workshop to follow up on their successes from their 1999 workshop.

April 19 - Oregon/Washington, Portland
May 10 - Ohio Workshop & EVC Send-off, Columbus
June 13 - Colorado Workshop & NREL PDU Tour, Golden
August 15 - Michigan Follow-Up Workshop, Lansing
September 12 - Indiana Workshop, Indianapolis
September 14 - New York Workshop, Albany
September 19 - Pennsylvania Workshop, Harrisburg
September 21 - South Carolina Workshop, Columbia
September 25 - Wisconsin Follow-Up Workshop, Madison
September 27 - Texas Workshop & Ethanol Vehicle Challenge Winners' Celebration, Austin
Rescheduled for January 2001 - Alaska Follow-Up Workshop, Ketchikan


Regional Bioenergy Program Managers


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