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Michigan (1999 EWS)

Michigan's second Workshop was held August 15th in Lansing. Over 80 participants learned about ethanol developments in Michigan, state and federal ethanol incentives, emerging production technologies, ethanol feedstocks, Michigan ethanol infrastructure, ethanol markets and uses, and environmental benefits of ethanol use. A special announcement was made: MTBE will be banned in Michigan as of June 1, 2003 and a new ethanol incentive will provide $5 million for environmental research and value added projects, available FY 2001.

Michigan plans to build a 40 million gallon per year ethanol plant and two more are being discussed. Michigan also has two new E85 refueling facilities, making a total a six in the state. A representative from each of the Big Three auto manufacturers talked about new E85 vehicles in production and issues surrounding the use of these vehicles, in particular, the availability of E85.

Bioenergy Coordinator: Jan Patrick, Michigan Dept of Consumer and Industry Services, Ph: 517-241-6228, Fx: 517-241-6229, Email: jan.Patrick@cis.state.mi.us.

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