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Indiana (2000 EWS)

Indiana's workshop, "Ethanol: Growing Renewable Energy and Economic Development," was held September 12th in Indianapolis. Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture Joe Pearson welcomed the 40 key individuals interested in furthering ethanol developments in the state. He addressed the value-added benefits of ethanol production in agriculture. Indiana currently has one ethanol plant in production, New Energy Corp. in South Bend, which is the country's largest dry mill plant.

John Ferrell, Director of DOE's Office of Fuels Development, spoke about the Federal Bioenergy Initiative and the goal to triple the production of bio-based products by 2010. Other speakers shared information on state feedstock sources, production technologies, environmental issues and benefits of ethanol, and economic impacts. Eric Vaughn, President of the Renewable Fuels Association, discussed ethanol policies in Washington, which are currently at a crossroads.

Bioenergy Coordinator: Niles Parker, IN Department of Commerce, Fossil Fuels & Alternative Fuels Policy Division, Ph: 317-232-7578, Fx: 317-232-8995, nparker@commerce.state.in.us, www.indbiz.com.

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