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DOE Ethanol Workshop Series

Kentucky Ethanol Workshop
Ethanol in Kentucky - A Growing Opportunity

February 3, 2003
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza
405 Wilkinson Boulevard
Frankfort, Kentucky

Kentucky sees Opportunities in Ethanol

It was the second time since 1999 that a legislator – in this case, Senator Joey Pendleton - took the center stage as Master of Ceremonies for an Ethanol Workshop that was part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ethanol Workshop Series. Approximately 75 people gathered in Frankfort on February 3rd to learn more about ethanol and what it can mean for Kentucky. Following the initial big picture on ethanol, the presentation narrowed down to be more Kentucky specific with a review of ethanol past and present in the state. One ethanol plant has been in production in Louisville since 1991 using waste liquids such as beer, orange juice and sodas as feedstock. It recycles the containers as part of the overall program. The newest ethanol player in Kentucky is Commonwealth Agri-Energy, LLC breaking ground on January 22nd in Hopkinsville in the western part of the state.

At lunch, two more legislators participated. Roger Thomas and Ernie Harris, Chairs of the House and Senate Ag committees respectively expressed their support for the benefits of ethanol. The keynote speaker at lunch was Bob Dinneen, president and CEO of the ethanol industry’s trade organization, the Renewable Fuels Association, who provided insight on the energy bill and other factors that impact the growing ethanol industry nationwide. A Minnesota panel discussed case studies that helped demonstrate how experiences in a Corn Belt state relate to Kentucky as well as bringing significant environmental, community and statewide rewards.

Using all of the tremendous background information provided during the day, Todd Barlow, KY CGA, and Brian Alvey, KY Farm Bureau, led all of the participants through a brainstorming session identifying issues, possible solutions and action items to increase the development of the ethanol industry in the state. Some of the highlights of that discussion were:

  • Develop a certified quality program that includes cattle + ethanol + mass marketing effort.
  • Get refineries involved, including out-of-state refineries and also get to know your near-by terminal and encourage dedicated common storage.
  • Seek the buy-in of various groups such as the beef industry by addressing the misunderstanding of ethanol being good for corn farmers and bad for feeders.
  • Create methods for educating both legislators and consumers.
  • Develop an in-state source for answers on ethanol.
  • Consider an innovative type of incentive like an “off-road use” gasoline tax of ½-cent per gallon.
  • Form an ethanol task force or work group to lead these efforts that meets on a regular basis and embraces all sectors.


  • Ethanol in the Bluegrass and Beyond
  • Ethanol 101 - Knowing the Facts
  • Ethanol and the Three E's
    • Energy Security
    • Economics
    • Environment

  • Ethanol in Kentucky - Where To Go From Here
  • An Interactive Discussion Between Presenters and Attendees

Sponsored By:
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Kentucky Corn Growers Association
  • Kentucky Division of Energy
  • Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition
  • Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation

For program information, please contact:
Tood Barlow, Executive Director
Kentucky Corn Growers Association
(502) 243-4150

For program information on the US DOE Ethanol Workshop Series Workshops, please contact Anne Wester:

Anne Wester
Conference Planning Assistant
BBI International
PO Box 1146
Salida, Colorado 81201
Phone: 719-539-0300
Fax: 719-539-0301

  8:00 AM    Registration and Coffee
  9:00 AM    Welcome and Program Overview
John Davies, Kentucky Division of Energy

Master of Cermonies - Senator Joey Pendleton

  9:15 AM    The Federal Bioenergy Initiative
David Waldrop, Divison Director for the Atlanta Regional Office's Feneral Programs, Transportation and Power Division
  9:30 AM    Ethanol 101
Moderator: Mike Bryan, BBI International

How ethanol is made: Grain & Cellulosic - Tim Morris, Fagen, Inc.

Ethanol Markets: E10, E85, Ediesel, Fuel cells - Fairman Thompson, Parallel Products, div. U.S. Liquids

Distillers Grains: A top-notch Feed - Pearse Lyons, Alltech, Inc.

  10:30 AM    Break
  11:00 AM    An overview of Ethanol in Kentucky
Moderator: Brian Alvey, Kentucky Farm Bureau

Historic and future production in the state and the Need for the Rural Economy - Todd Barlow, Kentucky Corn Growers Association

The Marketplace for Ethanol in Kentucky - Bob Casper, Ethanol Products

Clean Cities Program in Kentucky - Melissa Howell, Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition

  12:00 PM    Lunch
Introductions:Roger Thomas, House Agriculture and Small Business Committee

Keynote Presentation:
Fuel Ethanol: The Hope, The Promise –
Bob Dinneen
, President & CEO, Renewable Fuels Association, Washington DC

  1:30 PM    Positive Impacts on a State from Fuel Ethanol
Moderator: John Davies, Kentucky Division of Energy

Does the impact enjoyed in Minnesota relate to Kentucky? - Ralph Groschen, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Ethanol-Blended Fuels and Minnesota's Environment - Tim Gerlach, American Lung Association of Minnesota

What is the actual impact on the Farmer and the community? - Gerald Rust, DENCO LLC, Morris, Minnesota

  3:00 PM    What can a state do to encourage an ethanol industry? Where do we go from here?
This interactive discussion between all workshop participants will identify barriers and solutions. Using the abundant expertise and ideas of everyone, a path forward to increased use and production of ethanol in Kentucky will be developed.
  4:00 PM    Adjourn

About the Programs

Renewable Diesel Workshops:
NREL Goals: ..."to educate key public officials and the general public about biodiesel as a transportation fuel" and ..."to build state and local coalitions that would form the nuclei of a support group that would promote and eventually lead to local biodiesel production and use."

Ethanol Producers' Technical Workshops:
Perspectives from ethanol producers, production technology providers, and government researchers. Those in attendance were given the task of exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by combining cellulosic ethanol streams with existing grain streams.

US DOE Ethanol Workshop Series:
A series of one-day, state-level workshops to educate key public officials and the general public about ethanol as a transportation fuel.

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