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Event Details

Renewable Diesel Workshops:

Iowa Renewable Diesel Workshop
From Field to Fuel Tank: The Biodiesel Solution

October 3, 2001
8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Five Seasons
350 1st Avenue NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Goals & Objectives

  • NREL Goals: ..."to educate key public officials and the general public about biodiesel as a transportation fuel" and ..."to build state and local coalitions that would form the nuclei of a support group that would promote and eventually lead to local biodiesel production and use."
  • Iowa Planning Committee had one main desired goal of their workshop (recorded during initial planning meeting):
    • To have customers pushing the distributors/retailers to offer/carry biodiesel


Ninety people attended the Iowa Renewable Diesel Workshop October 3rd, including four public officials. WMT Radio and Cedar Rapids Gazette covered parts of the meeting. An exposition with city buses and other vehicles demonstrating their use of biodiesel captured people’s attention just prior to lunch. Seventeen speakers rounded out a full program starting with biodiesel basics, covering success stories by the Iowa Department of Transportation, Five Seasons Transportation & Parking and Mirenco who demonstrated their emissions reduction technology using one of the Five Seasons’ buses during the expo. Exhibit tables were available for companies to display their promotional pieces.

Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture Patty Judge relayed her support for value added products for Iowa farmers and for alternative fuels in a keynote talk just prior to lunch. The afternoon program included an engine manufacturers panel with Cummins, Detroit Diesel, John Deere and Caterpillar representatives discussing the nuts and bolts of engines using biodiesel blends. A health department specialist examined the health of effects of biodiesel emissions. And lastly, Steve Howell (Mark IV) and Sam McCahon (National Biodiesel Board) talked about federal and state policy and legislation, Steve Howell covering for Krysta Harden (Gordley Associates).

Recommendations / Follow-up Activities

Nohemi Zerbi, DOE Renewable Diesel Program Manager recorded the following from the final wrap-up session of the workshop:

  • Follow up on suggestions expressed during the wrap up session of the workshop:
    1. Need to increase the availability of the fuel.
    2. Infrastructure assistance
    3. Long term research on fuel effects on engines
    4. More R&D; money
    5. Emphasis on lower blends
    6. Choose areas where quality control is optimal (find real supporters)
    7. Capitalize public opinion (national security and reduction of foreign oil dependency)
    8. Increase production and use
    9. Bring in big guy support (ADM and Cargill)
    10. New marketing concepts (end user)
    11. Economics vs. environment (incentives)
    12. Performance based legislation
    13. Consider different scenarios (blends)

Workshop Sponsored by:
  • U.S. Department of Energy,
    Office of Fuels Development
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Iowa Department of Natural Resources Energy Bureau
  • Iowa Department of Agriculture
  • Iowa Soybean Promotion Board
  • Five Seasons Transportation & Parking

  8:00 AM    Registration and Continental Breakfast
  8:30 AM    Welcome
Moderator: Nohemi Zerbi, DOE Renewable Diesel Program
  • The Honorable Lee Clancey, Mayor of Cedar Rapids
  • Tom Aller, Commission Chairman, Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Jack Hartman, President, National Biodiesel Board
  8:45 AM    Introduction to Biodiesel
Moderator: Jennifer Moehlmann, Iowa Department of Natural Resources Energy Bureau
  • Steve Howell, MARC IV
  • K. Shaine Tyson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  10:00 AM    Success Stories
Moderator: Pat Paustian, Iowa Dept. of Agriculture
  • Bill Hoekstra, Five Seasons Transportation and Parking
  • David May, Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Gary Haer, West Central Cooperative
  • Dick Goodrich, Keck Oil Company
  11:00 AM    Exposition Activities – David Gosch, Five Seasons Transportation & Parking
  • Patty Judge, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture
  • (Mirenco, Five Seasons Transportation & Parking, Iowa Dept. of Transportation, MidAmerican Energy)
  1:00 PM    Engine Manufacturers Panel
Moderator: William Hoekstra, Five Seasons Transportation & Parking
  • Jerry Geiger, Cummins
  • Carl Brown, Interstate Detroit Diesel
  • Greg Clampitt, John Deere Power Systems
  • Ivan Brandt, Caterpillar Inc.
  2:00 PM    Macro Issues and Polices
Moderator: Karen Anderson Schank, Iowa Soybean Promotion Board
  • Jim Duffield, USDA Office of Energy Policy and New Uses—Impact on Agriculture
  • Greg Slager, Linn County Department of Health—Health Effects of Biodiesel
  • Sam McCahon, National Biodiesel Board— Federal Legislative & State Policy Updates
  3:00 PM    Wrap-Up: Where Do We Go From Here?
Moderator: Nohemi Zerbi, DOE Renewable Diesel Program
  3:30 PM    Adjourn
  12:00 PM    Lunch (provided)

About the Programs

Renewable Diesel Workshops:
NREL Goals: ..."to educate key public officials and the general public about biodiesel as a transportation fuel" and ..."to build state and local coalitions that would form the nuclei of a support group that would promote and eventually lead to local biodiesel production and use."

Ethanol Producers' Technical Workshops:
Perspectives from ethanol producers, production technology providers, and government researchers. Those in attendance were given the task of exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by combining cellulosic ethanol streams with existing grain streams.

US DOE Ethanol Workshop Series:
A series of one-day, state-level workshops to educate key public officials and the general public about ethanol as a transportation fuel.

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