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DOE Ethanol Workshop Series

Ethanol Workshop Series News
August 2001
A Newsletter about the DOE/RBEP Ethanol Workshop Series (EWS) activities

Mid-August marks a tremendous amount of activity in the ethanol industry. That holds true for the Ethanol Workshop Series as well. Several of the 2001 states have held their workshops and are preparing for their follow-on activities. Two states have already held a second workshop this year, another developed an ethanol "track" at a major energy conference and one state will hold their third in September. Ethanol work groups are meeting on a frequent basis in many of the participating states. Several of the 2000 states are still deciding how to best use their follow-on funding. The U.S. Department of Energy – Office of Fuels Development’s purpose for sponsoring the Ethanol Workshop Series (EWS) is to stimulate activities that will lead toward new or increased production of ethanol in each state. A large number of EWS states have ethanol projects underway or on the drawing board.

The participating EWS states thus far are:

1999 - Alabama, Alaska, Maine, Michigan*, Mississippi, South Dakota*, Wisconsin*.
2000 - Colorado*, Indiana, New York, Ohio*, Oregon/Washington*, Pennsylvania, South Carolina*, Texas*.
2001 - Idaho, Iowa*, Maryland, North Carolina*, Utah and also Puerto Rico*.

(* denotes GEC Member States)

Congratulations to Ethanol Workshop Series states who have become members of the Governors Ethanol Coalition

The most recent state to join the Governors’ Ethanol Coalition (GEC) is South Carolina. Earlier this year, North Carolina’s and Washington’s governors also joined the GEC. Several other EWS states are working with their governors encouraging them to consider participation.

The purpose of the GEC is to increase ethanol use, reduce imports and improve the environment and economy. The GEC was formed in 1991 with 19 states participating. Since then, seven more states have joined, three of which joined following an EWS workshop during which ethanol awareness was heightened within the state.

The Ethanol Workshop Series (EWS) has become a very effective and successful program. While the objective is to prepare the pathway to a biomass ethanol industry, it is fully recognized that partnering with grain ethanol is necessary while concurrently developing the marketplace. Each workshop focuses on the issues and opportunities in the individual state, rather than a larger region. Each state is very unique unto itself with its own needs and issues.

An important reminder to 2000 EWS states… the U.S. DOE has grant money available of up to $5,000 for follow-on activities for the 2000 EWS states. The funds can be used for a second workshop, toward relevant studies or activities, etc. The deadline for using the funds is the end of the federal fiscal year, September 30, 2001. Several states have already applied for the grant, but if you haven't yet done so, simply develop a 1- 2 page proposal and send it to BBI International. The request will be forwarded to your RBEP manager and the DOE Office of Fuels Development. You will receive a prompt response. Many states have found that a second workshop helps tremendously with keeping the momentum going. 1999 states - there may be some funds for specific projects.

This newsletter, the EWS News, serves as a tool to keep state planning committee members and nationwide supporters abreast of activities occurring in participating EWS states. This issue of the EWS News will look at the workshops planned thus far for the year 2001. Reviews of EWS programs such as the workshop agendas, summaries, follow-up activities and other state initiatives, proposed plants and studies are posted at www.bbiethanol.com (click on DOE Workshops) and, individually, on many state bioenergy websites. The 1999 and 2000 EWS year end summaries are posted on the Western Regional Biomass Program site, www.westbioenergy.org.

The Ethanol Workshop Series - 2001

Since the last issue of this publication several Workshops have been held – each unique in its own style, needs and results. Oregon, Utah and Alaska held workshops in May and North Carolina was held in June. A planning meeting was held in June in San Juan to discuss their workshop scheduled for August 24th.

2001 EWS Calendar

January 11 Idaho Ethanol Workshop, Boise
January 28-29

Washington Ethanol Workshop held in conjunction with the Harvesting Clean Energy Conference, Spokane

February 20 Special session about the EWS' state programs and successes at the National Ethanol
Conference: Policy & Marketing in Las Vegas
May 8 Oregon's second workshop - Valley River Inn, Eugene
May 10 Utah Ethanol Workshop - State Library, Salt Lake City
May 22 Alaska's second Workshop - Cape Fox Lodge, Ketchikan
June 4 North Carolina Ethanol Workshop - The Museum of History, Raleigh
August 24 Puerto Rico Ethanol Workshop - Caribe Hilton Hotel, San Juan
August 29 Iowa Ethanol Workshop - Farm Bureau Auditorium, Des Moines
September 13
October 11, 2001
Maryland Ethanol Workshop - BWI Airport Marriott, Baltimore
September 26 Michigan's third Ethanol Workshop - Radisson Hotel Downtown, Lansing

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