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Utah - May 10
A Unique Workshop Format

"Biofuels in Utah's Future: A Dialogue"

In March, 2001, Governor Mike Leavitt announced the state's new Energy Policy. In it he states his goal is that Utah's energy be reliable, affordable, sustainable and clean… a very appropriate backdrop for the Utah Ethanol Workshop. Utah felt that reaching the masses was, at this time, not as high a priority as reaching key people and helping them see how ethanol can be part of their operations, either as ethanol blends into gasoline or diesel. The format for the workshop is to be 10% presentations and 90% dialogue with participants seated around a large square table. The individual introduction process will allow participants to explain their organization, private or public, and to ask questions and get answers that will help build a knowledge foundation. Then, as a group, ideas will be brought forth about when, where and how to implement an ethanol program within various companies or agencies. An example might be that a large power company may consider using ediesel in their huge generators. Clearly, fleets, like the US Postal Service, will want to discuss and get input on the steps for managing E85 fleets. Utah has one proposed ethanol plant and representatives will explain the project to the attendees. The Clean Cities program has a strong program in Salt Lake City and welcomes the opportunity to see where ethanol can become a significant part of their plan. It was important to the planning committee that both potential increased use and production be examined and discussed. At the close of the day, the group will develop a plan of action.

Utah's Workshop will be held at the State Library, from 9am to 4 pm on May 10th.

Bioenergy Coordinator: Bernell Loveridge, Utah Office of Energy Services, Ph: 801-538-8768 , Email: bloverid@dced.state.ut.us.


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