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Oregon - May 8
Addressing Lingering Questions

"The Oregon Ethanol Forum: A Closer Look at Fuel Ethanol"

DEven though the base of understanding about ethanol use and production is far broader than ten or twenty years ago, there is still some misunderstanding about some of the vital issues. Oregon, known for being a home for many environmentalists, has chosen to address those questions and clear the air, so to speak. Experts backed up by studies will concentrate on the following issues: What is the energy balance with ethanol production? Is it indeed a net gain? What about sustainability - the food versus fuel question? How does the use of ethanol reduce greenhouse gas emissions? What is the overall effect of ethanol on air quality? What are the economic benefits of ethanol production? In most states, most of these topics are not an issue, but it was felt these areas required discussion and answers in order for Oregon to successfully develop an in-state ethanol industry.

The Workshop will be held May 8th from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm at the Valley River Inn in Eugene. A reception will follow the Workshop.

Bioenergy Coordinator: John G. White, Oregon Office of Energy, Ph: 503-378-3194, Ph: 800-221-8035, Fx: 503-373-7806, Email: John.white@state.or.us.


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