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Maryland - September 13
The Smart Growth State

"A Dialogue on the Potential for the Production and Use of Fuel Ethanol In Maryland"

Maryland prides itself on being a green state. It promotes "smart growth" and enjoys its green image. There was also a recent executive order that encourages green power. Maryland has several ethanol activities underway that help set the stage for a Workshop. The Maryland Grain Producers recently announced they will do a barley-ethanol feasibility study. Barley was chosen as it is a good ground cover crop in winter, has a poor market and doesn't compete with the state's corn acreage or the poultry industry's need for corn. An MTBE task force recently published its preliminary findings. MTBE has more than a billion gallon marketplace in Maryland and if it is banned or phased out, there will be a real need for ethanol in the state. Funds are in place for E85 refueling stations that will also support future fuel cell needs. State officials are currently in the process of deciding what their new fuel will be. The Maryland Workshop will address all of these factors and more. There is a need to focus on urban legislators and to have balance in the presentations. A facilitated dialogue with legislators and the attendees will close the workshop. It will answer the questions: "Where are we, where do we want to be, and how do we get there?"

The September 13th Maryland Ethanol Workshop will be held at the Joint Hearing Room downtown Annapolis.

Bioenergy Coordinator: Charles Miller, MD Energy Administration, Renewable Energy Programs. Ph: 410-260-7190, Fax: 410-974-2250/2875, Email: cmiller@energy.state.md.us.


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