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About BBI International

Mission Statement

"As a cornerstone of the expanding biofuels industry, BBI International will provide, with integrity, the most authoritative and accurate information and services integral to the industry's growth and progress. Our success is measured by the growth and prosperity of our clients worldwide."

BBI Project Development

Objective, experienced, and independent, BBI International is committed to providing the most thorough feasibility studies in the business. Our team of engineers and market specialists have an intimate understanding of bioenergy and ag processing research and analysis, through decades of hands on experience. Ethanol and biodiesel projects are at the core of our workload and expertise. Our clients include future producers, existing producers, state and federal agencies, and independent research groups. BBI consulting services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Analyses
  • Site & Resource Assessments
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Business Plans
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Industry Surveys

Our clients use these detailed evaluations to draw assertions specific to each new bio-energy project. Critical factors include: transportation, market access, feedstock availability and practicality, water and energy supplies, as well as political and legal issues. When complete, this information is often used to establish business strategies, raise community interest, rally legislative support and lead successful equity drives toward construction and startup.

Notably, our engineers do not design, build or manage ethanol plants; our job typically ends with the groundbreaking ceremony, so our studies - as well as our professional interests - adhere to the utmost degree of objectivity. We have virtually no vested interest in any one project. Therefore, financial institutions often request our services.

In addition to our research capabilities, BBI consultants are available for industry-related presentations and public speaking engagements worldwide; BBI has the capability to facilitate private meetings with investors, legislators and other parties on behalf of our clients. Our resources are extended through alliances with various associates who have a wide range of expertise.

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BBI Conference & Event Planning

BBI International employs a team of conference professionals, experts in planning and facilitating international conferences, seminars, large and small group meetings, technical workshops, and tradeshows specific to the bioenergy industry. We understand the ethanol industry because we are an integral part of it, and have been for over 20 years. We help our clients develop and build conference agendas, plan presentation techniques and set registration goals. We offer state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, as well as "for hire" A/V services.

International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW)

"Bringing the Minds of the Industry Together." Conceived as a service to ethanol producers, the annual FEW is designed to provide the industry with the latest information on technology and services for improving ethanol production processes, product yields and operations of an ethanol facility using grain and other biomass feedstocks. The FEW offers plenary sessions on major current industry issues, interactive work group sessions on specific production and research topics, and the world’s largest industry expo highlighting equipment, service and technology companies.

The three-plus day conference, attended by over 2000 people in 2005, is held in a different location each June. The 2006 FEW will be held June 20-23, at the Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Over 2000 delegates from ethanol, agricultural, financial, equipment and technology industries, and government and research agencies are expected to attend. Participants include virtually every current and future ethanol producer in North America and increasing numbers from around the world. With nearly 90 ethanol plants in production and scores of projects being planned in the United States alone, attendees will find many opportunities to network with current and potential customers.

The National Ethanol Conference: Policy and Marketing

The ethanol industry’s national trade conference is held each spring, focusing on important and immediate policy and marketing issues. The primary sponsor is the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), Washington, DC. The RFA is the ethanol industry’s national voice. The 11th Annual National Ethanol Conference: Policy & Marketing will be held at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 20-22, 2006.

World Fuel Ethanol Congress (WFEC)

The first World Fuel Ethanol Congress, held in Beijing, October 28-31, 2001, was attended by over 200 people from 16 countries eager to network and learn about the opportunities for ethanol production and use in China, and developments in Thailand, Indonesia, India, and other regions around Asia. Chinese officials from the State Planning Commission, State Environmental Protection Administration, Ministry of Agriculture, Alcohol Producers Association, and Sinopec Petroleum discussed China's situation regarding air quality, value-added agriculture, benefits of ethanol blended fuels, and programs for ethanol production and use. The success of the WFEC and promising growth for ethanol in China encouraged the organizers, Tsinghua University and BBI International, to hold the World Biofuels Symposium-China in Beijing, in November 2005.

The Ethanol Workshop Series, DOE-OFD/RBEP

The one-day workshops are sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Fuels Development (OFD) out of their Regional Biomass Energy Program (RBEP). While the objective is to prepare the pathway to a biomass ethanol industry, the program fully recognizes that partnering with grain ethanol is necessary to the marketplace. Each workshop focuses on the issues and opportunities in an individual state, rather than a larger region. The workshop program began its fourth year in 2002, with an ever-increasing number of states participating in the grassroots program to inspire interest in ethanol production from a variety of biomass materials. Check http://www.bbibiofuels.com/doe for historical information on our workshops and list of participating states.

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BBI Biofuels Recruiting

From the industry's most experienced and knowledgeable biofuels consulting company, comes a recruiting service dedicated solely to biofuels.

We actively recruit individuals based on your specific needs.  Our resources are extensive and we will go the extra mile to ensure the candidates we deliver to you are the best available.

No other company is backed by over 60 years of combined experience in the biofuels industry.

Our customers will experience a savings of time and money by using our services. We will draw upon our extensive resources and experience to located qualified professionals while weeding out unsuitable candidates.

For the solution to your staffing needs, please see http://www.bbibiofuels.com/recruiting , or contact:

Matt Spoor
Manager, BBI Biofuels Recruiting

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BBI Media

Industry News

Ethanol Producer Magazine (EPM) is a monthly full-color magazine serving the ethanol and biomass industry. EPM is primarily focused on production and marketing issues. It has an international circulation of approximately 1,500 recipients and is delivered to every bio-energy producer and future producer worldwide, free of charge.

EPM serves not only as a monthly news source, but also as a reference tool on research and building projects. EPM succeeds The Energy Independent, an industry newsletter in circulation for eight years.  The EI is widely regarded as the ethanol and biomass industry's print news leader, and EPM plans to continue and build upon that tradition. Each month, this practical magazine will reach thousands in the international community of ethanol producers, suppliers and industry contractors. A number of our subscribers also advertise with us. These advertisers actively support communication within our industry by helping to underwrite some of the costs of this publication. Our subscription and advertising rates are available online at:


Biodiesel Magazine is a bi-monthly full-color magazine, which thoroughly covers the technical world of biodiesel production, engineering, construction, research, transportation, storage, marketing and politics, while also capturing what we call the "renewable fuels movement." We are not strategically aligned with any one biodiesel organization but support many, including the National Biodiesel Board and other groups advocating the use of both popular and lesser-known production feedstocks.


Ethanol Handbook

BBI International recently published The Ethanol Plant Development Handbook (third edition). The Handbook is a comprehensive guidebook of issues and points to consider when planning and constructing an ethanol plant.  Sales of the third edition have been brisk, and development of the all-new fourth edition is under way.

Learn more about The Plant Development Handbook at:


BBI International Website

Visit BBI's website, regarded to be one of world’s most up-to-date sources of ethanol news and issues. The BBI website focuses on production issues and industry events.


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Professional Memberships of BBI:

  • US Renewable Fuels Association
  • Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • New Uses Council
  • Ethanol Producers and Consumers
  • Biodiesel Alliance
  • National Corn Growers Association
  • Colorado Corn Growers Association
  • Western Biomass Council

From studies and trade publications, to industry conference and meeting planning, BBI International wants to be your source and resource on ethanol.

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