April 23, 2001



To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to express our support for Mr. Jim Gillís business development plan and to recommend his services as an audio/visual professional.

For the past several years, Mr. Gill has served as the audio/visual technician responsible for overseeing all the audio and visual functions of our annual national conference, attended by more than 500 individuals. In this regard, Mr. Gill has elevated the audio and visual portions of the conference through his technical acumen, attention to detail, and personal interaction with speakers and participants. It goes without saying that Jim has been personally responsible for creating a new level of high-tech professionalism for the conference.

In addition to his technical expertise, Jim is a professional who understands that his success depends on the success of the event. Jim goes out of his way to address the needs of the client, and he is consistently creative in suggesting ways to enhance the event through audio/visual features. We will continue to count on Jim to provide the degree of professionalism and attention to detail our members and conference attendees have come to expect from our annual meeting.




Eric Vaughn















One Massachusetts Avenue, NW Suite 820 Washington, DC 20001