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BBI International Staff

Brian Duff

Biochemical Process Engineer/Project Manager


Mr. Duff is an experienced Project Manager and Process Engineer with over 20 years of experience in biotechnology and renewable energy.  Mr. Duff’s principal area of expertise is in microbial bioconversion processes. He has worked on many new and existing technologies including anaerobic digestion, fuel alcohol production, specialty chemicals derived from bacteria, and pharmaceutical production. 

Prior to joining BBI, Brian was the founder and president of Pinnacle Biotechnologies, a biotech startup company that successfully demonstrated innovative anaerobic digestion technology and transferred the technology to a new joint venture. He was also the Project Manager and Lead Process Engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for a $125 million lignocellulosic biomass to fuel ethanol processing plant and a $16 million lignocellulosic biomass pilot plant.

Brian has a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Classics from Lehigh University. 

Brian is dedicated to the preserving the environment and improving the quality of life through the development and application of innovative biotechnology processes.


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